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Jan 08

It’s Winter…Go Shoot!


It’s that time of year again. If you live in a northern climate, the weather has turned cold (bitterly cold in the US this week), snow has fallen, ice is everywhere. It’s the perfect time to go out and shoot. Yes, that’s right, the perfect time to shoot. While outdoor photographers all love shooting in …

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Oct 08

Knowing a Location

Sunrise Over Columbus - Panasonic GX7 with Olympus 75-300mm (click to enlarge)

It’s been a little while since my last article, but be assured: I’ve got lots in the pipeline (including a review of the Panasonic GX7).  Today I’m going to touch on something I think is very important for photographers who shoot outdoors, and that’s getting to really know a location.  It’s especially important to know …

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Jul 19

Telling a Story: The Chair

Abandoned Chair - Day #1

Over the past month, I’ve had a chance to sort of do a little photographic storytelling by creating a series of images over time.  On my way to work every day, I pass a series of abandoned parking lots that used to serve a rather large strip mall that has since been demolished.  Usually these …

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Feb 23

Little Building, Big City

Every once in a while, I’ll see a subject, and I will instantly know the type of shot I want to make.  Sometimes, I’ll take some shots and get it right away…other times, the light isn’t right, or you don’t quite know how you want to go about capturing it. This is one of those …

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Sep 05

Creating a Child of Darkness

Child of Darkness - Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Leica 25mm f/1.4 @ f/5.6

Ok, well, not for real…just photographically.  I occasionally take part in a ‘weekly assignment’ at one of the forums I frequent, where users submit photos on a weekly theme.  A winner is picked (though there’s no real prize), but the main thing is to get you thinking outside the box and to try new photographic …

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Aug 21

Quick Tip: Photographing Children

Snow White - Panasonic GH2 with Olympus 45mm f/1.8

A lot of hobbyist photographers take pictures of their kids.  In fact, even for those who like shooting landscapes or macro, a lot of people take more pictures of their children than of any other subject.  I know that’s certainly the case for me. I love taking pictures of architecture, landscapes, sports, bugs, flowers, etc….but …

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Aug 11

It’s raining inside!

Raining Inside - Olympus E-M5 with Leica 25mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4

I took this photograph yesterday morning.  It’s my daughter, wearing her little frog boots, and ready to go outside.  I took this shot with one thing in mind, but after viewing the original image, I decided to do some editing to make the image fit the vision that was in my head.  I normally don’t …

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Aug 06

Finding photos in the shadows

Arcing Shadows - Olympus E-M5 with Olympus 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 @ 15mm

I went downtown for a quick jaunt today.  I went to North Bank Park, where I go a lot.  I’ve exhausted a lot of the photographic opportunities here, at least when it comes to the cityscape…(though I think it’s impossible to truly exhaust a location…it just gets harder).  I got a few nice photos, but …

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