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A Quick Walk Around Ohio State

I stopped by the Ohio State campus on the way home from work today and took about a 45 minute […]

15 Minute Street Shooting

I had a meeting downtown just after lunch today, so I shortened my eating time by about 15 minutes to […]

Evening Fog on the City

Was at work late last night, and stopped very quickly on the way home for a few shots, as a […]

It’s Winter….

Well, it’s the first day of Winter, and the first blast of wintry weather hear in central Ohio.  Cold and […]

A Cold Evening

For the first time in a long time, I really got a chance to go out and shoot for a […]

Storm Clouds over Columbus

This is a shot from late last week.  We had a storm roll through the city quickly.  It was small, […]

Downtown at Dusk

Went downtown after a long day of work to take a few pictures.  I wanted to get some shots of […]

Random Shots From Yesterday

Getting time to shoot… Well, despite being crazy busy at work, I actually found some time to shoot yesterday.  The […]


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