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Mar 05

A Visit to Florida

So, I’ve been visiting family in Florida for the past few days, and while the primary purpose of the trip wasn’t photography, I had a bit of time to shoot. I decided to bring my Fuji kit on this trip, and it performed well, as expected.  I thought I’d share a few photos from the …

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Jan 21

Taking Advantage of the Cold

We’re in the heart of winter right now, though here in Central Ohio, you’d be hard pressed to tell so far.  Only in the past few weeks have we experienced colder temperatures and some very light snowfall. For me, that’s been very disappointing.  Once the colorful leaves fall off the trees in November, I can’t …

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Dec 30

My Favorite Photos of 2015

Every year I go back through the images I’ve taken and pick a selection of images that are my favorites from that year.  It helps to go through and see how my photography has progressed and to put a sort of ‘mini portfolio’ of the year together.  I’ve been really happy with the shots I’ve …

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Oct 26

A Trip to New York

As I’m sure you’ve all realized given the last eight posts, I was in New York over the past week for PhotoPlus Expo.  While I already posted some photos, I thought I’d share the collection of shots I managed to get throughout my time in New York.  It was a busy week, with show attendance …

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Oct 21

New York, New York

I’m in New York for Photo Plus Expo, and starting tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you all the news and hands-on reports I can from the show. (expect articles to start appearing in the mid to late afternoon).  I’m also going to try to get out to shoot a bit while I’m here, and I started …

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Oct 13

Revisiting the Olympus OM-D E-M5 in Moldova

This past week, I traveled to the small country of Moldova in eastern Europe. The country is a former Soviet republic and shares a cultural history with neighboring Romania. Prior to visiting, I had virtually no knowledge of the country, and while I certainly wouldn’t proclaim to be an expert, I am glad I got …

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Jun 07

2015 Memorial Tournament Pro-Am

The Memorial Tournament is once again being contested this week at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, just outside of Columbus.  I have shot practice rounds many times over the years when the golfers come in, and it’s generally been a fun time.  I missed last year, so I was excited to get back out …

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Apr 23

Waterfall Season

Spring is in the air, and the world is turning green once again.  Spring is also the time when many waterfalls tend to run at their fullest, so now is an ideal time for photographing waterfalls. I’ve taken advantage of some of the flow already, though a few weeks more will bring brighter and more …

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