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Apr 07

Mini-Review: Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

Today I’m taking a quick look at a high-end compact camera. I recently went on vacation with my family to Orlando, Florida, to spend some time taking in the parks at Disney World and Universal Studios. Since this was a family vacation, and not a photographic journey, I didn’t want to carry anything even remotely …

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May 31

The State of the Mirrorless Camera Industry – May 2013

When I first started this site about 16 months ago, I did a two-part piece examining a little of the history of digital photography and a trending towards mirrorless cameras. Since then, a lot has changed in a relatively short period of time, though the major players are still the same. More and more people …

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Jun 29

Why I Switched to Micro 4/3

There several reactions when I tell people I went from a pro-grade full frame Canon DSLR rig to Micro 4/3.  First, many people are astonished that I’d give up such good gear for that ‘little tiny sensor.’  Or “what happened to your pro gear?”  More recently, though, as the market has shifted towards mirrorless, the …

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Jun 07

OM-D E-M5 vs a Full Frame Legend, Part 1

One of my more popular (and controversial) articles has been my comparison of the Panasonic GH2 and GX1 to my old, yet still amazingly good Canon 1Ds Mark II.  The 1Ds II has been surpassed in the full frame arena by more modern cameras, but the image quality out of it is still very, very …

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May 19

Revisiting Film

I’m loving digital photography.  I love my Olympus E-M5 and all the modern convenience it brings.  But sometimes you just want a different experience.  I have a few old manual focus cameras, and my most recent is my dad’s old Canon AE-1, which still works just fine.  I have a fair amount of Canon FD …

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Feb 11

Weekend Project – Revisiting Florence

On winter days like today, where it’s freezing cold and there’s gray overcast skies, it’s generally not a great time to go out and shoot outside.  If you have an opportunity to go out and find some great interior spaces to shoot (or you are lucky enough to live in a place that is having …

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Feb 05

When is your camera good enough?

As an active member in several on-line photographic communities, I read a lot of photographers’ opinions on a wide range of subjects: photographic technique, inspirational photos, business and the quality of camera gear.  One trend I’ve noticed with the rapid pace of improvement in digital imaging is that many photographers get so caught up in …

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Jan 27

12 Lenses Spanning 50 Years Do Battle

Ok, so they aren’t doing BATTLE per se. This is one of those lens tests that’s really just for fun….don’t take it too seriously, please.  Part 2 is now up, and evaluates edge sharpness.  See Part 3 for a look at bokeh. 50 Years of Lenses Over the years, I have accumulated a rather extensive …

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