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  1. David Jefferis

    I prefer prime lenses, but sometimes zooms are better suited to the situation. Have you ever considered comparing the Fuji 23mm, 35mm, and the new 56mm lenses to the Fuji 18-55mm zoom at the appropriate focal lengths (you have to use 55mm on the zoom)? The Fuji 18-55 zoom is a very good lens, but how does it compare to the primes? By the way I like the method you use to compare lenses, i.e. Zeiss 32mm vs. Fuji 35mm.

    Thanks, David

  2. Daniel J. Cox


    Do you mind if I use the two images of the Olympus and Lumix lenses you shot at PhotoPlus in a Blog post? The post will basically be attributing all the news to your site with attribution and links to your article? Hope to hear form you.

    1. Jordan Steele

      If it’s used to directly link to the article, that’s fine.

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