Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 31

Why the Right Gear, Not the Best Gear, Is Essential

If you’re active in discussions about photography, you may have noticed that a lot of the discussion tends to revolve around which camera is best or what lens resolves the most detail or has the nicest bokeh, etc.  These constant gear discussions can be very helpful, but often they devolve into evaluation of minute differences …

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May 24

Star Trails and the Milky Way

I’m not much of a star photos guy.  At least, I  haven’t been in the past.  Not because I don’t enjoy seeing super late night images with the stars gleaming, but because I live near a fairly large city, and light pollution makes capturing images of the stars problematic.  It requires a drive a good …

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May 19

Subtle Revision to the Fuji X-T1

The Fujifilm X-T1 has been a hot topic in the photography industry the past few months.  Many photographers are drawn to the old-school control scheme in a rugged, capable body with big performance improvements over previous Fuji cameras and a gloriously large EVF.  However, one of the things that has been nearly universally criticized about …

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May 14

Long Daytime Exposures

There are many ways to add a creative element to your images, and one thing that you may wish to explore is adding time as an element in your photos.   You may know about taking long exposures in dim light or at night to get low noise high quality images in dark situations, but …

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May 11

A Trip to the Hollow

I had a day off from work this week, and chose to get up before the break of dawn to head down to one of my favorite areas in Ohio, the Hocking Hills area, where there are plenty of gorges and waterfalls and other lovely natural sites. This time, I went to Conkle’s Hollow, which …

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May 04

Documenting Family

Like many photographers, a very large portion of my photographs go towards documenting family life.  I take more photos of my family than of any other subject during the year.  My daughter recently had a birthday, and during the party, I made a decision early on to sort of go for a ‘documentary-style’ look throughout. …

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