Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 29

Why I Switched to Micro 4/3

There several reactions when I tell people I went from a pro-grade full frame Canon DSLR rig to Micro 4/3.  First, many people are astonished that I’d give up such good gear for that ‘little tiny sensor.’  Or “what happened to your pro gear?”  More recently, though, as the market has shifted towards mirrorless, the …

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Jun 24

OM-D E-M5 IS Effectiveness with Long Lenses

In body IS has been touted as a great stand in for optical IS for many years,  However, in practice, these systems often have fallen flat when it comes to stabilizing longer lenses.  The IS can’t shift enough to counteract the movement of a really narrow field of view, and as a result becomes largely …

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Jun 20

Backyard Spiders!

Well, front yard actually in this case.  This little post is a helpful reminder to look for photographic opportunities close to home.  I went looking for spiders in my bushes this morning before work, as there are usually some grass spiders to be found.  I found one, but I also stumbled upon a very small, …

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Jun 16

Thoughts on the Schneider-Kreuznach 14mm f/2.0 Super Angulon

Schneider-Kreuznach is a well respected lens maker, who primarily has specialized in ultra-high end cinema lenses and large format photographic lenses for their subsidiary company B+W, which is probably the most well respected photographic filter maker in the business.    They also make many of the lenses for the Samsung NX series mirrorless cameras, though …

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Jun 14

Downtown at Dusk

Went downtown after a long day of work to take a few pictures.  I wanted to get some shots of the new County Courthouse, which is a pretty cool building.  Got there shortly before sunset which gave me some good light.  Then, as I walked back to the car, which I parked at Bicentennial Park, …

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Jun 10

Faces of Pompeii

Yesterday I went to the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, OH.  It was a family outing and most of the day I simply enjoyed the time with my family, doing fun stuff with my daughter and looking at things.  However, there is an exhibit there now called A Day In Pompeii, which features hundreds of …

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Jun 07

OM-D E-M5 vs a Full Frame Legend, Part 1

One of my more popular (and controversial) articles has been my comparison of the Panasonic GH2 and GX1 to my old, yet still amazingly good Canon 1Ds Mark II.  The 1Ds II has been surpassed in the full frame arena by more modern cameras, but the image quality out of it is still very, very …

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Jun 04

Purples and Greens

Sometimes I just love a simple composition with beautiful color.   The backlight from the late afternoon sun made for some wonderful subtle tones in this image.

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