Jan 23

Review: Fujifilm 11mm Extension Tube MCEX-11

Fuji surprised the market by releasing something that is both the first of its kind and something that people have been waiting for since the beginning of mirrorless: Native OEM extension tubes. It’s surprising to me that it took 6 years for the first original equipment manufacturer to create extension tubes for their system.  In November 2014, Fuji …

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Jan 18

Sony A7 II vs. Sony A6000 – Landscape Use

There’s a fierce running debate about the merits of full frame vs. APS-C or even smaller sensors like Micro 4/3.  Full frame has an image quality advantage due to the larger sensors, and given the same technology, will produce cleaner images with better tonality and larger dynamic range.  Many people will argue that full frame …

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Jan 16

Review: Sony A7II

The Sony A7II

It’s been about a year since Sony shook up the mirrorless industry with the release of the full-frame A7 and A7r.  They followed up with a low-light king, the A7s, in the summer, and now the original A7 sees a refresh with the A7II – a camera that is largely about refining the A7 brand, …

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Jan 08

Review: Carl Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 Vario-Tessar ZA OSS

Carl Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4

As Sony expands their full frame mirrorless lineup, the system as a whole becomes more complete, and one of the key pieces of that more encompassing lineup is the first native ultra-wide-angle lens.  In this case, it’s the Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 OSS, which covers a great range in a pro-grade lens for Sony’s E-Mount. …

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Jan 04

Icy Waterfalls with the Sony a7 II

I had a chance this past Friday to head down to Hocking Hills State Park here in Ohio, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the waterfalls were in full bloom.  I didn’t expect there to be much water flowing, as we haven’t had much rain or snow in the past few weeks, but was …

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Dec 31

Mirrorless Year in Review 2014


It’s the last day of 2014, and we’re about to embark on what is hopefully an excellent 2015.  The mirrorless market has been surging when it comes to realizing fully developed gear, while the actual consumer market for the devices has been somewhat tepid as the overall photography market declines.  Still, I think there’s reason …

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Dec 30

My Favorite Photos of 2014

Every year I like to go back and look at the photos I’ve taken and see how my photography has changed.  After a mediocre 2012, I was very pleased with the work I produced in 2013. 2014 continued that trend, and I made some of my all-time favorite images.  Here’s hoping for an even better …

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Dec 24

The World of Printing

Last summer I wrote an article encouraging every photographer, both serious and casual, to ensure that they make prints of their photographs, to ensure that there is both a physical record of their photography, as well as to enjoy the wonders of a great photographic print. At the time, I had just a little 4×6 …

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